Baraka Beach - a small, cozy hidden gem in paradise


 A scenic dreamland where you can watch and experience the true life of Vilankulos, observe the dhows as they move out for their daily fishing trips, the tide as it moves along the shore, the hard-working woman taking care of their families, it is a cultural blast full of life and colour - leaving you breathless every time you look up! 

Our accommodation was mended and built by hand – authentic and rustic, made with natural and local material, a real feel of being part of the village of Vilankulos.  Imagine lying in bed, waking to the sun rising over the ocean, offering the most beautiful start to a new day – awake and ready for adventure, great food and company - or just some “YOU” time to recover from a busy life waiting for your return…

We invite you to come explore, relax and enjoy one of the most idyllic places in Mozambique! 

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